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One size lid fits multiple containers.

The amazing Lid Lover!  

Choose from our Twin Pack, which includes a 7″ and a 9″ lid and our New Extra Large Universal Lid
which fits extra-large bowls from 9″-12.5 inches.


The Lid LoverTM

A single lid can fit many sized containers providing an air tight seal on rimmed glass, metal and plastic bowls. 

  • Two sizes fit most round bowls
  • Oven safe up to 400°, freezer safe to -40°
  • BPA Free high quality, food grade silicone

Lid Lovers are firm enough to lie in the drawer yet flexible enough to expand over various bowls.


Special Introductory Offer
The Twin Pack includes a 7″ and 9″ Lid Lover.
The Extra Large Universal lid fits bowls up to 12 inches across!

Plus $4.99 Shipping & Handling


eliminate the mess

One size lid can fit multiple sized bowls.


Go from freezer to oven, keeps flavors in.


“I have used the lid in the oven at 350 F and my chicken turned out moist and tender, awesome product.”

Renee S., Michigan

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  • Most silicone lids hang over the edge taking up extra refrigerator space. LidLover lids if used even on the smallest size ring can still be pushed up against something without breaking the seal, hence drying out your food.
  • LidLover Lids have NO knobs to sink their lids in the center once placed on a bowl. Knobs tend to break the edge seal, thus drying out food.
  • Most silicone lids are easily knocked off the bowls where by Lidlover lids do not budge.
  • Few silicone lids are stackable.....Lidlover lids were created to BE stackable, kindly maximizing storage space in the freezer & fridge.
  • LidLover lids were designed for ease of use. The 3 & 4 ring feature inside the LidLover lid allows one lid to fit multiple sized bowls (Yay!). This makes storage when not in use kind to your cabinets.

How to use: Align the proper rim to the bowl and simply stretch the LidLover over until it snaps. Never have to worry about the bowl or dish while it’s in the fridge pressing against another object…the seal won’t break and the food won’t dry out.